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GRAND PRIZE WINNER: - World Culture in the East Bay

Expected OBM completion by Dec 1, 2010

Mission statement:

My hope is to make a change in cinema, particularly the African American cinema, in the same manner that Monk changed jazz—with a distinct, irrepressible, intellectual, and immediately identifiable style. My expression is one of color and time. I feel color has meaning and thus I use color to codify my films against standard Western ideology, against the existing codes with which we are so subconsciously familiar. In silence I use blue and white to define the cold, harsh negative, Black to symbolize wisdom and spirituality, and red and yellow as warmth, life, safety and positivity. Whereas in most of Western Cinema red is a symbol of danger, blue, intelligence, Black, death and white, purity and tranquility. In essence I am trying to create a new language in terms of what we see on screen.

As for time, I want to use the film medium to both expand and compress time simultaneously, move into a more tactile visual experience taking real issues and combining them with the surreal, to in effect create a new time-space continuum on one subject. I want to talk about what is, what was, and what COULD OR SHOULD be, as I see it at least -- all at once. A sort of cinematic / social / kaleidoscopic time machine; and this I trust will open new doors for discussion, especially in regard to the cinema of the African Diaspora.

--Mateen Kemet

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