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I do Love

I do Love I do love is an eclectic musical piece that combines four Langston Hughes poems, a rock / pop back beat with a very talented opera singer. It is a ensemble project that doubles as a demo for the new artist Oyedasola—a singer in the San Francisco Opera, seeking other venues in the world of rock and roll. Underneath the poetry, the chorus “I do Love” has been injected into the piece as a continuum of old and new. It is actually one of the oldest recordings of an African American song, a turn of the century recording of a young girl singing “ The shortnin’ Bread Song”. I do Love looks to address our future by looking at the past. Looking through the eyes of a wild assortment of characters from the 20th century in an exciting baroque style, the issues of good, evil, race, and motherhood are touched upon, then culminates stating love is the hope for the future.