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This film was shot in 1 day and was part of the on the lot qualifying experience. I received a phone call that stated I had reached the semi-final stage, the top 200. This was the next challenge to get down to the top 50. We had 1 week to complete the entire film using your own resources--money, cameras, crew, actors, etc. We were given 3 prompts and had to either use one of them or a combination of all three. The first - a first date; the second - something important is lost; the third prompt I have forgotten. I chose the second prompt - something important is lost. in this case the "something" is LOVE.

I'm very proud of this film for so many reasons, one being the speed and diligence that me and my team were able to assemble a production. The cast and crew of this film were amazing and I will work with anytime. There is no doubt that with these friends, some of whom I've known since grad school, I could make anything. Don't let the lack of real production value fool you, remember the way the contest worked. We each received a phone call out of the blue that gave instructions and thats it. once we accepted the instructions we had one week. For me, I was on my way to NY and had to stop my trip.

Last but not least, after watching my first film silence, LOST was the film that Mr. Spielberg used to select me as a semi-finalist.