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Who's The Mack?

Cast & Crew

Alynette is a true Southern California native, born and raised in a beach town north of Los Angeles called Oxnard, CA. She has always found herself steering towards the arts: dancing, writing poetry and shorts stories since she was a youth. She did not discover acting until college where she contributed to and performed in many plays at California State University, Long Beach from which she received her Bachelor’s degree in the Performance Arts/Acting and Directing. She has also worked in music videos and short films including Mateen Kemet’s “Who’s the Mack?” as the lead character “Sade.”

Alynette continues as a career student furthering her education in the field of interior design, another of her passions, towards the goal of designing themes and ambiance for her own party planning business. She currently moonlights as a researcher for the prestigious “think-tank”, the Rand Corporation and also works for an urban radio station doing street promotions, commercials and voice over work, always staying close to her first love, hip-hop music.

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