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Janell in deep thought.

Mateen, Todd, Shaun, and Mike

Mateen- Director with his awesome cast-
Janell Sexton, Jay Ward


Mike and Robert talk sound

Angel and Sonia

Aura Getting Ready

Aura Prepares

Tsahai Allen prepares ( young girl in Clinic)

Marble Hill, DA BRONX

Gangs all here II

Todd Sergei


Sergie shows his dexterity

Mike Cribben, sound man extraordinaire


DP tweaks the shot

Fake baby

Hazel Holden on platform

Mateen and Aura run changes

Sergei Franklin with Hazel


Sonia needs to know the truth

Aura as Marquita, coming home

Mateen, Aura, Dave

The day I was forced to shut down the production.

John Keating: 1st AC, Shaun Gordon: boom op, Todd Schlichter

Salimah El Amin (PA) with Hazel and Mateen after the shoot

Douglas Gibran and Lenny Payan (grip and electric)

Another Chapman Filmmaker helping out as PA - Peter Culkin

Mateen with MFA classmates Stacie Hawkins and Kirk Shannon-Butts.

It took me 1 year to find another clinic that would allow me to
film--Thank you Queensbridge.