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...When no one can hear you scream  

silence is the gritty yet surreal story of Marquita Holloway, a teenage Afro–Latina living in the Bronx with her mother, brother, and her mother’s boyfriend.  The story follows Marquita as she faces the most difficult decision of her young life, one in which she will have to confide her secrets to her mother, Sonia.  Once the truth is out there are huge consequences for both Marquita and Sonia.   Marquita’s world will be changed forever.

silence also explores the spirit as during her journey, at her most harrowing moments, Marquita is visited by mysterious elders who watch her every move, from afar.  Who are these visitors? Are they real or imaginary? What is Marquita’s secret?  Answer these questions and more at the evocative conclusion of this award winning short film.

Directed by Mateen O. Kemet, silence uses a visually arresting, non linear, filmmaking style which coupled with a vibrant color scheme makes this an extraordinary narrative work. If you are a young mother, work with adolescents, represent family-dysfunction and violence prevention agencies or simply want to see a thought provoking, powerful film.  silence is a must see.

Featuring Aura Vence’, in her first starring role, also starring Janell Sexton and Jay Ward.