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Mateen Kemet is a former Wall Street bond trader, school teacher, a lifelong martial artist, emerging film director and a certifiable, Bronx New Yorker. He holds a BA in Economics from San Francisco State University and a MFA in Film Production from Chapman University.

After 5 years in the Fixed Income sector of the securities industry, Mateen turned to educational ventures. He co-founded a community based education program in Oakland, California entitled the Sons of Ra and served as Director of Youth Entrepreneurship at the J.G.T. Foundation. Mateen has worked exclusively with “at risk” youth in both the Long Beach, and San Francisco Unified School Districts, working as teacher and counselor for the Step to College and Academy programs. Furthermore, he worked with the Regional Occupational Program in San Francisco teaching business and entrepreneurial strategies to adults returning to school after real world hardships.

Recreationally, Mateen is an accomplished Martial Artist, studying several styles including the Wing Chun style of Kung Fu which has the distinction of being the only Martial Art created by a woman. Mateen‘s tutelage has been under the world famous master, Chris Chan, and has fought competitively in the U.S. and demonstrated in Foshan, China. He has earned the title of Sifu (Teacher).

A filmmaker since 1997, Mateen, has written and directed 12 short films, 1 music video, and 11 screenplays. He‘s been awarded 17 film prizes, including a Directors Guild of America Student Filmmaker Award. In 2005, Mateen was invited to FESPACO, in Burkina Faso, West Africa, the largest Arts Festival in the African diaspora, where he won the Director’s Prize. He has also been granted entry into Fox Studio’s highly competitive Searchlab Program, and nominated for a Rockefeller Foundation Media Fellowship. Most recently, Mateen appeared on the Steven Spielberg / Mark Burnett reality competition On The Lot. He was chosen over 12,000 applicants, then competed against 49 other filmmakers from around the world, all vying for a one million dollar development deal with Dreamworks Studios. Mateen placed in the top 10, finishing 7th.

Currently, he is directing a book on tape, The Sundarbans Tiger -- a childrens book set in the mangrove forest of Bangledesh -- while completing postproduction on a short film titled Oakland B Mine. Oakland B Mine is a public work commissioned by the Port of Oakland, and will be screened on a new media display housed in the Southwest Airlines terminal of the Oakland Airport for 1 year. Additionally, Mateen is writing a feature film, The Fillmore Flower, a film based on a 17th century Japanese samurai tale now set in the film noir genre during San Francisco‘s jazz era, circa 1955.