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Origin Story:

Runaway filmworX is the production company I formed during my last year in graduate school. I wanted a name that would encompass all the energy, creativity and love that I put into my projects as well as have esoteric, political, and spiritual symbolism. The concept of Runaway grabbed me immediately.

1) I had run away from Corporate America like a man out of a burning building, and into the world of dream weaving--I also started my Locks the day I left the office.

2) The spirit and weight of the messages and subject matter of my films are typically heavy -I want to hit you in the gut like a runaway train --not preachy or dogmatic just seriously thought provoking.

3) I feel free like a runaway slave, never to be captured again. My mind clear, the wind in my face and my goal in sight. Our society has a way of enslaving us to material things, the SUV, Mortgage, clothes etc, but once I freed myself of the race I was able to dream out loud. Remember in every rat race, even if you win you are still a RAT.

4) Also the runaways often came back to free the others, especially in the swamps of Florida and the Islands in the Caribbean. In Florida these outliers were called Seminole, in the Islands they were called Maroons. In fact, anecdotally I have heard that term Dreadlocks originates with these communities. During slavery when English ships would dock they would be attacked by mountain people / Maroons who wore their hair in this fashion. They would raid the ships, set fires, try to free slaves, then quickly retreat back to the hills. Thus English would see them and say here come the dreaded locks. It was a revolutionary hairstyle that connoted danger and rebellion. To this day, I never refer to Locks as dreads as it is a negative English term used to identify freedom riders. I prefer the term Locks.

5) filmworX because I promised myself I will not be outworked by anyone. If I fail it will not be for lack of effort, or work ethic.

6) And (X) instead of (K) because X represents the unknown in mathematics just as my greatest works have yet to be produced. I have not fully realized my potential, it is unknown.

7) (X), a tribute to one of my heroes Malcolm X. which is why the X is capitalized instead of the (f).